Young Adults

Partnering with the work of God in peoples lives, ages 18-30.

Fellowship with other believes is such an important part of growing in our relationship with the Lord and our heart is that young adults would find real community and be planted in what God is doing in our church. We are community that builds each other up, prays for each other, serves together, and simply has fun together as we grow in our faith.


This is such a great place to find good community and we want you to be a part of it! We focus on diving deeper into scripture, discipleship and simply doing life together. Sign up for a group below!


We will also have bi weekly community events including game nights, volleyball, pickleball, family lunches, etc. To stay up to date on what’s happening, join our group me chat below.


We end each month with a gathering on the last Tuesday of every month at 6:30 at our Estero campus. Join us for a time of worship, a message, and dinner.



In our study, we will be diving into who we are in Christ and what that really means, as well as our freedom we have in being a child of God.   Thursdays  7PM,  Estero Campus. 

Danny and Kris

Join us as we dive into the book of John and fellowship with one another while growing and experiencing in Gods word. Thursdays 7PM, Estero Campus 


Tim Tebow has an amazing story about finding his identity in God. Let’s dive into his story together as we go through various scriptures and real life examples of how to keep God at the center of our lives. Wednesdays 7pm, Estero Campus 


It is all too easy for Satan to weasel his way into a seat at the table intended for only you and your King. This book outlines the ways to overcome those lies so you can find peace and security in any challenging circumstance or situation. Together we will recognize when we have given a seat to the enemy, when it is supposed to be for God, and how to kick him out of our table.  Mondays 7PM, Estero Campus 


Join us as we dive into the “The Awe of God” by John Bevere. Fearing God is very different than being afraid of God. If you look at the men and women in Scripture, the ones who lived and finish well all have one thing in common: they are marked by holy fear. Each week, we will dive into what it means for us today to live our lives from this place.   Tuesdays 7PM, Estero Campus 

Rebecca and Leah

If you’ve ever been intimidated by the Book of Revelation, we encourage you to join this study to discover the incredible hope it reveals. We will focus on the key theme of hope found in in the victory of Christ and that when the difficulties of life suggest that evil and chaos reign, we can remember that it is God who occupies the throne, is with us, and will one day make all things right. Tuesdays 7PM, Estero Campus 


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