We read in Matthew 28 that we are called to make disciples and here at Ocean Church we want to be obedient to that call and to go out and make disciples in each other and for all those the Lord has called us to.

In our Spiritual Growth Track, you will learn about these practical steps of what it is to walk as a disciple of Jesus. We’ll learn about Topics like water baptism, the importance of prayer, walking in freedom and so much more.

We know that if you’re here, you are hungry for the things of God and this track is a great place to jump into. Whether you’re new to walking with the Lord or you want to grow deeper in your relationship with Him, this class is for you.

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Week One-Foundations
Week One-Foundations
  • Salvation
  • Water Baptism and Communion
  • Holy Spirit
Week Two- Four Pillars
Week Two- Four Pillars
  • Knowing God through His word
  • Dynamic Prayer Life
  • Stewardship/First Fruits
  • Christian Fellowship
Week Three-Truly Free
Week Three-Truly Free
  • Hearing God
  • Freedom
  • Winning the battlefield of the mind