We have a passion to reach the lost and change the world. Kingdom Builders is our plan to do just that. When you participate in Kingdom Builders, you are part of both a local and global impact as we partner together in advancing the Gospel message of Jesus!


We believe that the local Church is God’s tool to bring hope in the world. We strategically partner with organizations throughout Southwest, FL to bring hope and relief in our communities.


Helping churches and people with material, emotional, or relational poverty in their local communities to transform lives In the Name of Christ.


Immokalee Pregnancy Center provides services in Immokalee to women who are facing an unintended pregnancy. They come alongside and provide support to help them as they make life-affirming choices for themselves and their babies.


Southwest Florida is known throughout much of the country by its affluence. What many don’t realize, there are thousands of people and families impoverished and in need of basic necessities like food and hygiene products. We partner with about a half dozen local food pantries all the way from Naples to Cape Coral, to help supply those struggling families with the goods they need.


Christy’s Cause works to eradicate child sex trafficking through education, awareness, restoration projects, and justice initiatives.


We recognize that we have a responsibility to reach people for Jesus in Southwest FL as well as across the globe. Through Kingdom Builders, we partner and support dozens of missionaries from South America, Africa, Europe, & Asia. We also partner with global organizations like Convoy of Hope and Fire Bible and provide opportunities for people all across the world to be discipled and developed.


We exist to rescue and restore victims of sexual slavery through the love and power of Jesus Christ.


There are many study Bibles readily available in the English language to help us understand and rightly divide the Word. However, there are those in the world that are not as blessed. Most Pentecostals worldwide have no study Bible, much less a Pentecostal study Bible, in a language they can read and understand. The Bible Alliance, with your help, is changing that equation through the production of the FireBible.


Convoy of Hope is a faith-based, nonprofit organization with a driving passion to feed the world through children’s feeding initiatives, community outreaches and disaster response.


Priority One is passionate about investing in the lives of future leaders. They work closely with Bible colleges, schools, and leadership development organizations around the world to provide the resources they need to educate, equip, and empower the next generation of leaders.


Cuba is experiencing a revival and an awakening to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Cuba Bible is a part of Global University and is committed to equipping pastors and leaders in the nation of Cuba. Whether its using Kindle-based bibles or curriculum, each dollar that is received goes to providing a seminary-based education for the next generation of believers in Cuba.


Christianity is now one of the most widely practiced religions in Africa and is the largest religion in Sub-Saharan Africa. Much has been done to expand the gospel in Africa through crusades and outreaches. Our missionnaires are committed to expanding God’s reach into Africa and fulfilling the great commission by building relationships with local pastors, teachers, and government officials.

Sam Jhonson

Scott Pongratz


Many missionaries in Southeast Asia will tell you the time it takes to convert someone from Buddhism to Christianity can be as long as 7 years. Because of this, the missionaries and projects we support in Asia are oriented around building long-term relationships. Between Cambodia, China, and India, much of the ministries we support revolves around reaching the next generation.

Dareth Ly

James Wright

Nick Serban


70% of young people in Europe identify with no religion. The missionaries we support in Belgium, Italy, France, and Greece are committed to making Jesus known and equipping the next generation of believers. From coffee shop churches to bible schools, we are believing that Europe is going to experience and awakening like never before.

David Santiago

Robert Suarez

Rick Pasqual


1 out of 21 Christians in South America who experience high levels of persecution. Many of South and Central America’s governments are notorious for their corruption. From Cuba to Guatemala, our missionnaires in these areas are standing up for their convictions and helping to advance the gospel by educating pastors, establishing orphanages, and building churches.

Nelson De Freitas

Randy Young

Steve Robertson