Our goal is to partner with families and your kids to help them love God and grow in their faith. From babies to fifth graders, our team wants to give your family an excellent experience. When you arrive, our team will happily show you the way to the children’s area and help you check your kids in.

  • If you’re checking your kids in for the first time, let our team know and they’ll walk you through our registration process.
  • Once registered, you and your child will both get a sticker with a matching code.
  • You’ll use your parent sticker to pick up your child after the service.
  • If for any reason we need to reach you during the service, you’ll receive a text message. (Please keep your phone on silent and close by during service)



Every weekend, your children 1st-5th grade (K-5th at our Naples/Cape Coral Campus) come to an AquaKids service where they experience dynamic worship and Biblical teaching. Together, they learn about the Bible and how to have a relationship with God, memorize Scripture, and have fun developing friendships with each other.


Nursery & Preschool

Your kids will have their own service including worship, an age-appropriate lesson, and response time. Our curriculum is specific for each classroom, ensuring every child can receive what is being taught. In our infant rooms, children are continuously prayed over while being immersed in an environment of worship music. As children move up through our classrooms they are exposed to new teaching elements that prepare them for our elementary environment.
**Kids in kindergarten attend Aqua Jr. at our Estero Campus.

Baby Dedications

With a heart to follow this Biblical model, we offer the opportunity for you to dedicate your children to God. During Baby Dedications, parents publicly commit to help their child grow in their faith and to raise them in a home centered on Jesus. Our team also prays over each family and we have a Bible to give each child. 

Baby Dedication takes place seasonally across all of our campuses, and we’d love for your family to be part of this special time. Please register to participate in Baby Dedication at your campus.